160,528$ Collected by Farah Habbal for her daughter Mila an SMA patient who needs ZOLGENSMA 

103,094$ Collected by Fadi Nacouzi for baby Aline Makari to do liver transplantation as soon as possible

60,285$ Collected by Together LiBeirut for the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind

51,085$ Collected by Nadim Aziz to help his uncle Nadim walk again

45,475$ Collected by Jean Pierre Eid to help Naji walk again

23,046$ Collected by Lebanese Vegans for the only animal rights and vegan support center of its kind

18,904$ Collected by Ahmad Yassine for his mother to cover her brain tumor surgery cost

15,624$ Collected by Meghterbin Mejtemiin for the SOLAR POWERED LEBANON initiative to help bring power to the country

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Top Campaigns

Donations in LBP will show in the fundraiser goal at the official 15,000 LBP/USD exchange rate


Save the Education in Tripoli
Help us raise an amount of 200,00$ in order to support the tuition fees of 500 vulnerable students across private schools in Tripoli. The socio-economic crisis in Lebanon has pushed three-quarters of the Lebanese population into poverty, with an acute cash crisis deteriorating living conditions for millions of people. It also had a very high impact on the already struggling education sector whereby: The low wages of teachers in private schools (an average of 200$) are not covering their transportation expenses, leaving them really incapable of making ends meets Actual tuition fees didn’t constitute enough revenues for schools to increase teacher wages, and cover running costs to keep classrooms lit or heated They had to raise tuition fees on an average of 300% and impose real (Fresh) dollar payment on parents. With the ¾ of the population facing poverty, parents losing their jobs, or still being really underpaid in many sectors, a lot of families are not being able to afford the increase of tuition fees. On the other hand, public education reached a new breaking point with the closure of many public schools, and on and off strikes of the public teachers who are left with a salary as low as 40$, with no insurance and hospitals coverage. Despite many trials, the Government has failed to properly address the problem, and suggest viable solutions. This complex situation has left more than 1 million children without education across Lebanon, and the level of school drop out is expected to sky rocket with the dollarization of tuition fees in private schools, and the bad situation of public education. Those critical times added strain on the already struggling Tripoli, the poorest city of the country, and it’s second largest. Even before the economic meltdown, the poverty rate in the city was 60%, and the unemployment rate has far exceeded this number. Education there is under threat and the impact of the collapsing system will be carried on for several generations, with school dropout rate exceeding 40%. Let’s always remember that Education of children is the most essential factor necessary for the recovery and future of our beloved country, and that the quality of education we used to have has always been a success factor to all of us, in and outside Lebanon..

$6,115 raised of $200,000


Send Lebanese Robotics Champs to Panama
My students need your help! I'm Charbel Daoud, a proud Robotics & Coding Mentor with over 8 years of experience in the field. For the past 8 months, I've been coaching two remarkable teams in Lebanon, and their dedication has led to an incredible achievement. In the July 2023 national competition in Lebanon, my two teams, APROMON and GREEN SAILER, excelled, securing first place in the senior categories of Future Engineers and Future Innovators. Now, they have the honor of representing Lebanon in Panama this coming November 2023, an opportunity that means the world to them. Team APROMON, consisting of Jonathan Achkouty, Charbel Estephan, and Jad Mouawad, has designed an impressive autonomous car using Arduino technology. This self-driving car, equipped with ultrasonic sensors and Pixy Cam v2.1, demonstrates remarkable precision as it tackles challenges that mimic real-life situations. On the other hand, Team GREEN SAILER, composed of Rayan Baaklini, Alexandre Saghbini, and Jean Zaatar, has crafted a solar boat using Arduino and developed a mobile application to control it. We believe in the power of robotics and creativity to shape the future, and we invite you to join us in supporting these talented individuals on their journey to the World Robotics Competition in Panama. Your generous donations will help them showcase their innovation and hard work on a global stage. This year's International World Robotics Competition, hosted in Panama, is an exciting opportunity for our teams to shine once again. Last year in Lebanon, we emerged victorious in the same competition and even competed in Germany, achieving a remarkable 20th place worldwide. With your support, we aim to reach an even higher rank this year. However, this victory comes with a financial challenge. The Championship entails expenses of $3,700 per individual, and we are a team of seven: six students and one coach. This cost covers flights, transportation, seven days of food and accommodation for the team. In addition to that, the transportation of our high-tech robots to Panama. Robotics is an enriching but costly endeavor. Entry fees, robotics parts, promotional items like team shirts and buttons, and international travel expenses add up significantly. As a coach, I cannot shoulder this financial burden alone. We humbly request the support of parents, relatives, friends, and generous donors who believe in our cause and want to contribute to the success of these aspiring young innovators. Together, we can make a difference through the power of robotics and creativity. Your support will not only enable our teams to compete but also foster a passion for STEM education in our students, helping them achieve their dreams and represent Lebanon with pride on the global stage.

$1,555 raised of $29,000


The Sunflower theater will shine again
THE SUNFLOWER A CULTURAL LANDMARK OF BEIRUT, LEBANON, AND THE REGION. On July 6, 2023, a fire ravaged and destroyed The Sunflower main entrance. The smoke also spread beyond the entrance and severely damaged the rest of the space. Everything in it either needs to be replaced or deep cleaned. The Sunflower is an indispensable hub for the youth, and its activities include incubations, productions, disseminations, festivals, workshops, seminars, debates, and exchanges at the local, regional and international levels. Immediate action is needed to put the space back on its feet. It can not reopen to the large public without repairing the following damage caused by the fire: A- The whole space needs deep cleaning. B- The main entrance needs the below: 1- Removal of all the destroyed items including the false ceiling, the cafeteria, the furniture, etc… 2- Repairing the main doors. 3- Replacing the floor tiles. 4- Deep cleaning the stairs. 5- Repairing the elevator mainly used by persons with mobility impairments. 6- Designing a new look for the entrance. 7- Installing a new electrical system (Electrical box, circuit breaker, cables, etc) 8- Installing a new lighting system. 9- Installing a new air conditioning system. 10- Installing new security cameras. 11- Installing new signage – indoors and outdoors 12- Painting the walls. 13- Repairing the ceiling. 14- Redecorating the main entrance. 15- Buying furniture for the cafeteria. 16- Buying a Fridge, a Coffee machine and other items for the cafeteria. 17- Installing a new automatic fire extinguisher in the main entrance and the theater (The theatre is equipped with a fire extinguishing system; it is however advised to replace the old one after a fire). 18- Installing new smoke and fire sensors. The Sunflower was established by SHAMS in 2005. Since its creation in 1999, SHAMS, The Cultural Cooperative Association for Youth in Theatre and Cinema, has faced one challenge after another, including technical, cultural, or even security, economic and social challenges. Thus far, the association was able to overcome all obstacles and hardships it was forced to face in Lebanon for the past 24 years and remain open and functional. In the fall of 1999, SHAMS' activities were launched, while Lebanon was still suffering from the Israeli occupation, the Syrian influence, and the difficulties of finding spaces for artistic expression. SHAMS sought to attract Lebanese youth from various regions by providing artistic and technical capabilities and creating the appropriate atmosphere to facilitate cultural exchange between young men and women belonging to different cities and factions forming the Lebanese society. Festivals and forums were the way to facilitate the meeting of the other coming from "afar". This meeting, which many feared, managed to create an artistic and cultural movement that imposed itself on the local, regional, and international levels. The "SHAMS Youth Festival" became the focus of the cultural and artistic movement and the meeting place for Lebanese youth to meet with one another and with regional and international artists. SHAMS was able, with modest means, to overcome the despair prevailing at that time. The doors were opened for young men and women who, with the direct and indirect help of SHAMS, launched their own projects or institutions - some of which are still alive and effective in the artistic and social scene to this day. The SHAMS Association, after running the Beirut theater for five years, and in response to the artistic and cultural need of the time, responded to the desire of young men and women active in the field and opened “The Sunflower Cultural Space” in the fall of 2005. This space, which today stands as one of the country’s few cultural landmarks still in operation, contains two performance halls, an exhibition hall, and two multipurpose studios. The Sunflower also currently hosts four associations: Khayal, ICARE, Koon and the Caravan, as well as the Art School (art activities and workshops for children). In order to be able to open the first independent cultural space, SHAMS had to face financial and ethical challenges. At that time, some of the employees of SHAMS agreed to not receive a salary for a specific period of almost 5 years, and SHAMS was able to obtain a bank loan equivalent to three times its annual budget. The loan was repaid in five years. The space, which itself became the main project of SHAMS, faced several challenges like many other Lebanese cultural projects, the most important of which were: the assassination of Rafik Hariri (2005), the July War (2006), bombings and assassinations - Beirut (2007), the closure of Beirut (2008), the tense political / security situation (2010), The beginning of the events in Syria (2011), the suicide bombings in the suburbs of Beirut (2014), the October 17 revolution (2019), the Covid-19 epidemic, the Beirut Blast (2020) and the Tayouneh Incident (October 2021). All these events negatively affected SHAMS’ financial capabilities, but they acted as a moral impetus which doubled down on the importance of keeping this association as an active member in Lebanese society, with the Sunflower being its central hub for cultural encounters and artistic expression. SHAMS organizes and implements cultural projects in several Lebanese regions. SHAMS cooperates with many Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Palestinian associations (in Lebanon - the Palestinian Authority), French, Italian, etc... SHAMS is also a founding member of the Tamasi Collective (www.tamasicollective.org). The audience of SHAMS is a melting pot of genders, ages, and socio-economic backgrounds. SHAMS offers most of the cultural services and shows, either free of charge or at nominal prices. For example, SHAMS always offers the theater space for the senior projects of the students of the Theater Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture \ Lebanese University for a whole month free of charge. SHAMS has an important archive and plays an exceptional role in spreading the memory of the Lebanese theater and evaluating it through recorded works, interviews, special recordings and films… In conclusion, culture and art constitute a fundamental axis for building civilizations. And SHAMS, through its participation in local, regional, and international forums, looks forward to setting long-term policies to meet the cultural and artistic needs and aspirations of Lebanese youth in particular and Arab youth in general, which contributes to the development of societies and the consolidation of civilizations.

$6,995 raised of $60,000


Hala is my lovely mom! She was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer since 2019. She bravely went through surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, SBRT and a through a lot while fighting her disease. Now , because our government has abandoned us and stopped providing her with the medicine that she needs, the cancer has now progressed again (new metastasis from breast to lungs). The only way to stop her cancer from progressing is a drug called Enhertu which is the only medicine indicated in her case but is extremely expensive, and usually it is the responsibility of governments and ministries of health to cover the treatment but Unfortunately, we live in a time when the government stopped caring if people die or not, and already stopped providing her with 3 other essential medicines, so we found ourselves helpless and hopeless, but we don’t want to give up. Instead of losing hope and God forbid losing Hala (I don't even like to think about it )... I decided to seek the help of the good people and spirits who have both the will and the ability to help others, people who find joy in giving. We are counting on good people who have a good spirit to save a wonderful mom who loves life and has already fought a long way... and it is unfair to give up because of money or shame. It’s our government who should be ashamed of letting cancer patients down. I want to thank in advance every beautiful person who is helping Hala and may you always find happiness and peace in your lives. Shadi, Hala's Son

$6,514 raised of $140,000

Top Permanent Fundraisers

Donations in LBP will show in the fundraiser goal at the official 15,000 LBP/USD exchange rate
Assurons l'avenir du Collège du Carmel St. Joseph!
Chères anciennes et chers anciens élèves du Carmel St. Joseph, chers étudiants et chers amis, Ces deux dernières années ont été marquées par des bouleversements et des incertitudes constants. Tous les aspects de nos vies - santé, éducation, travail - ont été bouleversés. Nous avons tous dû faire des compromis, des sacrifices et apprendre encore une fois à faire face à l'inconnu. Notre école a été confrontée à des choix douloureux et difficiles mais nous sommes restés concentrés sur notre mission permettant au CSJ d’être un havre de paix et de stabilité pour de nombreux étudiants et familles. La crise au Liban provoque un phénomène de déclassement violent de grande ampleur, amenant de nombreuses familles à ne plus avoir la capacité de régler la scolarité de leurs enfants. Cependant l’une des constantes de notre établissement a toujours été, et demeure, l’inclusion, la diversité et le brassage sociale. Notre école, ou dois-je dire notre famille, compte aujourd'hui environ +700 élèves et +140 entre corps enseignant et personnels administratifs offrant une éducation de qualité et des emplois dignes. Afin de nous permettre de garder nos portes ouvertes, nous avons mis en place un fonds de solidarité destiné à répondre aux besoins de fonctionnement de l'école et faire face à des charges d’exploitation qui augmentent significativement avec l’inflation locale et mondiale, à alléger le poids de certains parents pour payer les scolarités de familles en difficulté et à respecter notre engagement envers nos enseignants en les aidant à maintenir un niveau de vie décent. Si vous n'avez pas encore contribué et que vous êtes en mesure de le faire, nous faisons appel à votre solidarité pour poursuivre ensemble notre mission éducative, pour: 1) aider à couvrir les frais de scolarité des élèves qui en ont besoin, 2) contribuer aux salaires des enseignants et du personnel qui sont les principaux piliers de cette institution et à qui nous accordons notre totale confiance, et 3) contribuer aux coûts opérationnels de l'école qui augmentent étant dollarisés. Nous comptons sur votre soutien pour que le Collège du Carmel St. Joseph reste au service de la société et des générations actuelles, comme il l’a été pour tant de générations passées. "Le plus petit acte vaut mieux que la plus grande intention" Nos anciens élèves sont des acteurs, bien préparés par la vie à faire une différence. Si vous souhaitez faire un don par virement bancaire plutôt que par carte de crédit, vous trouverez ci-dessous les informations relatives à notre compte bancaire en signalant la référence « Carmel Solidarité » : Nous acceptons tous les modes de paiements (LBP, Euro, USD fresh, Lollar) - Nom de la banque : Banque BEMO sal. - Adresse de la banque : Succursale Gemayzeh, Beyrouth - LIBAN - Titulaire du compte : Congrégation du Carmel Saint Joseph - IBAN Dollars US : LB16 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1USD - IBAN EURO : LB66 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1EUR - IBAN LBP : LB63 0093 0000 0004 0080 8366 1LBP - SWIFT CODE : EUMOLBBE Sr. Mariam an Nour Directrice de l'école _____________________________________________ This year has been one of constant upheaval and uncertainty. Every aspect of our lives – health, school, work, travel – has been upended. We’ve all had to compromise, sacrifice, and learn once again to deal with the unknown. Our school has been confronted with some painfully difficult choices, nevertheless we remained focused on our mission to enable CSJ to be a haven of peace and stability for many students and families. Indeed, the crisis in Lebanon is causing a large-scale violent deprivation, affecting the ability of many families to pay for their childrens’ education. However, one of the constants of our school has always been, and remains the inclusion, diversity and social mix. Our school, our family, counts today 700+ students and 140+ teaching and administrative staff, providing quality education and dignified employment. To be able to keep our doors open, we have established a solidarity fund dedicated to meet the needs of the school’s operations and cover the operating expenses which are increasing with local and global inflation, to ease the burden on some parents to pay for the schooling of families in difficulty and to keep our commitment towards our teachers and help them sustain a decent livelihood. If you have not yet made a gift and are in a position to do so, we appeal to your solidarity to pursue together our educational mission, to : 1) support in covering the tuition fees of students in need, 2) contribute to the salaries of the teachers and staff who are the main pillars of this institution and whom we trust with the dearest to our hearts, and 3) cover the dollarized operational costs of the school which are increasing. We count on your support to give back and ensure that the Carmel St. Joseph remains at the service of society and present generations, as it has been for the many past generations. “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention” Our alumni are doers of deeds, well prepared by life to make a difference. In case you wish to donate via wire transfer instead of credit card payment, below is our bank account information by indicating “Carmel solidarité”: We accept all modes of payment (LBP, Euro, USD fresh, Lollar) - Bank name: Banque BEMO sal. - Bank address: Gemayzeh Branch, Beirut - LEBANON - Account holder : Congregation of the Carmel Saint Joseph - IBAN US Dollars: LB16 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1USD - IBAN EURO: LB66 0093 0000 0035 0063 4366 1EUR - IBAN LBP: LB63 0093 0000 0004 0080 8366 1LBP - SWIFT CODE: EUMOLBBE Sr. Mariam an Nour School Principal




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- Rawad Hayek -

Thank you again, it's really nice to have such a friendly platform with a professional team in Lebanon

- Amin Dora -

Proud to have fundahope as a pure Lebanese platform! Good job! 

- Amicale SSCC Ain Najm -

A simple click to donate throughout the world thanks to Fundahope!


We were very happy with the cooperation with Fundahope and will definitely create a new campaign once we have one.

Looking forward to our next fundraising effort!

- Mission Education -

Nous renouvelons nos remerciements pour le support que Fundahope nous a prêté. Leur support continu nous encourage à poursuivre notre engagement et notre mission éducative.

- Ecole du Saint Enfant Jésus - Besançon Baabdath -

fundahope is truly an amazing platform for Lebanese NGOs to reach out to donors locally and internationally - without any redtapes and financial constraints. So, we were able to focus on the cause itself and raise donations in a user friendly manner.


Thank you for a successful partnership - we will always count on you for funding and call for donations!

- Jessica Moufawad - EDGE Executive Director -

Medical Success Stories

Nadim, just at 51 years old, had a life changing experience

This campaign tells the story of Nadim, who experienced a life-altering accident when he fell from a scaffold. As a result, his daily tasks became extremely challenging. Despite facing financial difficulties due to the economic crisis in Lebanon, there was a glimmer of hope when Nadim was approved for a trial treatment in France that could restore his autonomy. However, the cost of the treatment was approximately $140,000. The campaign successfully raised $51,085, which greatly influenced Nadim and his family. Not only did your contributions give Nadim hope, but they also provided hope to a whole community of individuals with special needs, as he was among the first Lebanese people to undergo this operation.

The campaign was able to collect 51,085$

Education Success Stories

Supporting children with special needs

The Acsauvel, a Lebanese NGO, successfully launched a campaign to support children with special needs in Deir Tamish. Despite challenges including delayed government support, the pandemic, and currency devaluation, the campaign has greatly impacted the lives of 125 individuals by providing education, well-being, and support.


Every contribution, whether through donations or sharing the request, was highly valued in making a difference and sustaining the employment of teachers and therapists.

The campaign was able to raise 10,085$

Medical Success Stories

Empowering Nancy to Hear Again

This heartfelt plea for support shares the story of Nancy, who has had hearing issues since childhood. Her parents previously raised funds for her life-changing cochlear implant surgery, but unfortunately, the device has stopped working after over 15 years.


With Nancy's father working abroad and the challenging situation in Lebanon, her family was in desperate need of support.

Contributions, no matter their size, made a significant difference in restoring Nancy's hearing and allowing her to pursue her dreams.

The campaign successfully raised the entire required amount of 5,000$

Sports Success Stories

Mountaineer Rami Rasamny takes on a new record for a cause!

Rami successfully ran from the South to the North of Lebanon, covering 470 Km in 7 days. Additionally, he challenged himself to run up and down Kilimanjaro (5895 km) in 14 hours. This time, he ran for "Mission Lebanon" to support Chef Tina Wazirian with food distribution throughout Lebanon. With your donations, we were able to make that difference!

A total of $7,620 has been raised, surpassing the initial goal of 5,895$

Medical Success Stories

Jean's Medical Expenses

Thanks to the compassionate individuals like yourself and your generous donations, Jean underwent the crucial surgery he desperately needed.

The campaign successfully raised the total amount needed: 4,027$

Emergency Success Stories

Dialysis and ICU for Natasha at AUBMC

Thanks to the urgent campaign, we successfully raised almost the entire amount needed to support the critical condition of a 3-year-old girl at AUBMC - American University of Beirut Medical Center. Dialysis and ICU were required for her treatment. The initial amount needed was $10,000. Natasha was diagnosed with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (HUS).

The campaign was able to raise 9,262$

Sports Success Stories

The 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge!

All Lebanese and Lebanon-lovers around the world were invited to practice the sport of their choice over a minimal target of 19.8 km, lapses, summits, etc.., as the area of Beirut is 19.8 km2


The campaign was able to collect 60,285$!

60,285$ Collected by Together LiBeirut to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind and to raise funds for its ongoing work

Medical Success Stories

Rawad El Hayek: Overcoming Adversity Through a Life-Changing Hearing Aid

Rawad El Hayek, a 24-year-old Lebanese man, was born with a congenital syndrome called "hemifacial microsomia" which resulted in partial facial paralysis and unilateral hearing loss. Throughout his academic and personal life, he faced a lot of challenges due to his hearing loss in his right ear.


In the midst of the worst economic crisis to date in Lebanon, Rawad successfully started a fundahope crowdfunding campaign to implant a bone-anchored hearing aid that would help him regain his hearing sense in his right ear. The campaign was successful in raising the major amount needed for the implant.

The campaign was able to raise 12,525$

Sports Success Stories

The Unbreakable attending the World Championship!

Thanks to fundahope, Shiva "the unbreakable" Karout, a professional Lebanese powerlifter with many international championships under his belt, represented Lebanon in the IPF World Powerlifting Championship in Minsk (Belarus) the past September.

The campaign was able to collect 3,450$

Medical Success Stories

Baby Aline Makari Will Be Able Now To Do Her Liver Transplantation!

Mr. Fadi Nacouzi received the net sum of the goal achieved on fundahope, out of which 85% WERE DELIVERED IN FRESH FUNDS thanks to the international donors.


Baby Aline Makari will be able now to do her liver transplantation. Thank you for saving lives!

66,964$ Collected by Fadi Nacouzi for baby Aline Makari to do her liver transplantation as soon as possible

Medical Success Stories

A New Chance in Life For Baby Mila!

fundahope delivered to Mrs. Farah Habbal the net sum of the goal achieved on fundahope, out of which 93,508$ WERE DELIVERED IN FRESH FUNDS thanks to the international donors.


Thank you for playing a role in saving Baby Mila, and giving her a new chance in life.

160,528$ Collected by Farah Habbal for her daughter Mila an SMA patient who needs ZOLGENSMA