Why Choose fundahope?


Global Access

fundahope provides access to cheaper funds despite geographical barriers; for example, a French citizen residing in Australia can donate to a campaign based in Delhi for as low as 2$


Currency Exhaustiveness

All donations are accepted regardless of your card currency. Money is also paid to the campaign organizer regardless of the currency of his bank account.


Recurrent Donations

Donors can subscribe for recurrent monthly donations for permanent fundraisers. Organizers of permanent fundraisers can request a withdrawal as frequent as every month by submitting a withdrawal request.



Visitors willing to donate to a campaign will also notice other fundraisers which will increase the exposure of campaigns posted on fundahope.


Powerful Marketing

fundahope provides users with access to an exclusive account where they can start fundraisers and manage all their aspects including donations, money transfers, etc.


Account Management

fundahope gives users access to an exclusive account where they can start fundraisers and manage all donations and money transfer details.


We constantly ensure that fundahope is a safe environment for our users to raise and donate funds. Our platform relies on solid technicalities in terms of security. We also ensure the safety of our users by protecting their privacy. To learn more about how safe fundahope is kindly consult our Terms and Privacy Policy pages.


We put a lot of efforts in simplifying the design of our platform to give our users a great experience. Additionally we are really responsive: your campaigns and withdrawal requests as well as any input on our platform will be processed very quickly.


fundahope follows the typical crowdfunding standards: its reach mostly relies on how much campaigns are shared, and trust us this has proven to be really powerful!

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"fundahope will enhance the well-being of our global community"

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"Thanks to fundahope, society will be moving towards a positive and promising change"

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"fundahope will ultimately contribute to the enhancement of social justice"