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The 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge
Together LiBeirut is holding the 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge to keep the needs of Beirut on top of everyone’s mind and to raise funds for its ongoing work. THE 19.8 BEIRUT CHALLENGE The 19.8 Beirut Global Sports Challenge invites all Lebanese and Lebanon lovers around the world to practice the sport of their choice over a minimal target of 19.8 km, lapses, summits, etc.., as the area of Beirut is 19.8 km2. Each participants will then become a partner with TLB and help us raise funds for our mission from their network of friends and family. ABOUT TOGETHER LIBEIRUT Together LiBeirut, meaning For Beirut, is a collaborative campaign dedicated to a sustainable recovery of Lebanon's capital following the devastating explosion of its port on August 4, 2020. Our aim is to revive the socio-economic fabric of Beirut’s neighborhoods by facilitating access to healthcare and mental health services, promoting heritage preservation, and offering comprehensive support to businesses to protect livelihoods. Check our Instagram page: Watch our 6 month impact video: WHERE WILL THE MONEY GO All donations will help Together LiBeirut to: Offer free mental health support to children, youth and families at Youth Cap Community Center in Mar Mikhael. Provide life-saving diagnosis, in-patient care, medications, and surgeries, to patients with chronic diseases. Contribute to the full restoration of 6 heritage buildings and a public space in hard hit Gemmayze. Rehabilitate and provide capacity building to 25 MSMEs to ensure their sustainability and protect jobs.

$60,285 raised of $100,000