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Against All Odds - Georges Bedran
This is not just another success story gone sour. It is the story of a hardworking man who worked very hard for years and lost it all due to suffocating circumstances in the blink of an eye. My name is Georges Bedran, a 41-year old Lebanese citizen who is the sole breadwinner at home, and this is my story. Opening a restaurant had always been a dream of mine. I used the money I had and took a loan in order to make that dream come true. April 28th 2019 was the opening of Kanoon. I had hoped that Kanoon would make it, even though slowly, and I would be able to pay my loan, and hopefully after that reach a stable economic situation. One can never go wrong with food, right? WRONG. The economic situation in Lebanon kept going downhill, but I kept the faith. October 17th, 2019: the Lebanese revolution takes off, at times so violent that opening the restaurant is not possible. Lockdown follows for weeks, also because of the uprisings. January 2020: Covid-19 starts hitting Lebanon hard, yet again causing complete lockdown. August 4: the Beirut explosion ranked third in the world goes off. Kanoon, which is in the heart of Mar Mikhael – Mdawwar, is demolished. One would think that would be my lowest. Not really. May 20, 2020: I am diagnosed with cancer. Treatment is possible, but it is incredibly costly in a country like Lebanon since social security is unreliable. Now what? I am a man who has lost everything and is struggling to beat cancer as well as serious liver complications. I am a son whose mother is still struggling with dialysis and is in need of a kidney transplant. I am an ex-restaurant owner who has not even been approached by anyone from the public sector in an attempt to help me pay the restaurant loans. I am a man who has to pay pack huge debts. But most of all, I am a man who is struggling on all levels with very little chance of success – if any.

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