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Support Fresh Graduates through Arneli Art Gallery
"Being an artist and pursuing my Master’s degree in Plastic Arts has given me a great insight on the challenges that artists face upon graduating. There has always been a great difficulty in knowing how to approach a gallery, to market and eventually sell an artwork. Having had the chance of working in the finest galleries of Beirut, I have decided to sum up all my experience and knowledge in this field and to contribute back to my fellow artists and showcase something exotic to the collectors. Due to the ever-growing emphases of online marketing and digital platforms in promoting not only products but even ideas, the art scene, like all other markets, has shifted in a remarkable way from actual galleries and spaces into numeric and digital forms. Thus, I have decided to create a virtual platform called “Arneli Art Gallery”, which is a tribute to my family name, to help and support emerging artists and fresh graduates and give them the chance to be explored by art collectors and art institutions, from all over the Globe. The young generation of Lebanese and Middle Eastern artists is full of talent and intellect. But unfortunately, not a lot of light is shed on them. New talents are always hesitantly embraced and invested in. Through my platform this is exactly what I aim to do. To give a chance and create an opportunity to those who have decided to dedicate their lives for Art and need this first, yet full step." Thus with your support, i would be able to turn the life of 15 artists around through implementing creative and targeted marketing strategies and make the Lebanese Art Scene fly higher than ever! Dzovig Arnelian

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Help Me Fund My Business For A Better Future
Thank You for giving me a minute to read my campaign. Hi everyone, I'm Jean Hatoum and I'm fundraising for my future. I'm a 30-year-old and I’m fighting for a better living. After going through years of hardships & past traumas, I’m fighting now for a better living. I asking for a chance and grace to help me start my business that will tremendously support my family. I literally worked in everything, but I couldn’t keep up with what was going on in my live to provide the basic needs, it’s very hard to make it on your own and to start from nothing. To work as an Insurance Agent, will give a chance of meeting new people and serving them honestly, while building a portfolio, and this will give me a chance to help others in these difficult times while God is gracing and blessing me through hard work and dedication. The amount requested, or any amount raised will jump start this journey, will help me a lot in opening a door for a good life for my family and taking care of them, and provide what is needed. The hustle is in me, I was not going to let the past shutting my passion. I worked and will keep working hard since I do not have anything to do but work, but everything is achievable and dreams do come true. I will not give up without a fight, I will do what is necessary. This is a business will grow and will secure jobs for other people and I’m putting my faith in it. I thank you so much for the time given reading this, and know that I’m available for any question, help and assistance for your insurance business, this is a service industry, and I’m here to serve. I appreciate you so much in advance !

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